Based in Calvert County, Maryland, I am a 21 year old graphic designer. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in graphic design in December of 2014 from The Art Institute of Philadelphia.

First impressions: I'm very shy. I like things neat, tidy, and professional. But once we're acquainted with each other, I'm a lot of fun, and I'm totally up for goofing off and hanging out, when appropriate.

I do enjoy photography as a hobby. I am a soundtrack junkie, and I hope to attend a music school to pursue a career as a composer. Ask me about Thomas Newman, I'll tell you everything you need to know and then some. 

I keep my designs simple and clean, similar to how I compose myself. I consider myself to be very organized, and I think my designs reflect that. 

I am accepting freelance work. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me, we can work something out.

If I'm not designing, I'm reading. Or eating. 
Email me. Message me. Let's talk books or something. 

Email: jordansatow@yahoo.com

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